Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Art of Board is a company that uses broken skate decks to create works of art. Broken boards get chopped down to small pieces and the tiles get put together into a bigger work of art. The boards are untouched as far as their graphics, scratches, and chips.

Since 2004, Art of Board has evolved into a full-service tile and design company. In 2009 Rich, along with co-founder Bruce Boul, started the first-ever international grassroots skate deck recycling movement – I Ride I Recycle. I Ride I Recycle keeps broken decks out of landfills and into Art of Board’s designs. The movement has recycling locations throughout North America and abroad, which includes skateshops, parks and action sports manufacturers and retailers. In 2012, they added Bryan Boul, Stephen Simon, Susanne Andrey and Eric Simons to round out the management team.
Art of Board tiles are hand cut from 100% recycled skate decks. Every scratch, scrape and gouge is kept in tact – making them truly original.
Each tile has its own story. They’re alive with texture, shape and color. Together, they bring that story to life in every space they inhabit – creating a vibrant visual experience in the home or commercial environment.


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