Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Always on the lookout for talented artists, the Campus Mercante team came across an artist putting his own twist on street art, and self expression. Simon Silaidis uses his Urban Calligraphy to "convey his message of change and hope crashing the black era that has emerged." He put together an amazing new video which he sent us today, to be featured here on our blog:

Living in times that hope seems to have lost it's meaning and mankind walks in paths of uncertainty and hate, Simon finds hope in the skyfall. His calligraphy leads him through inner peace and serenity to the path of wisdom, from the free skies to a free fall in the urban surroundings we have to endure. In a pure and magical way he manages to entrap us to his world of letters with one purpose, to convey his message of change and hope crashing the black era that has emerged. A better world is possible.
"This is the end, hold your breath and count to ten, feel the earth move and then, hear my heart burst again"
 Stay tuned for more on this incredibly talented individual. We will continue to follow him and post his work, and are currently working with him to get some custom skate decks in the shop!
Artist Bio:
Simon Silaidis is a designer, a thinker, a vision-er, a pioneer... Lately he applied his life's love of calligraphy in the rural, urban and suburban surroundings of Asia and Europe. You will spot his work in abandoned places, in the streets and in his studio using ink and bamboo pens. His style is a mix of Western, Asian and Arabian calligraphy and his vision of a new world of calligraphy based in tranquility and symmetry dominating our surrounding is in fact the inner change he proposes to world. His twelve year successful experience as designer is only the start to what is ahead.


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