Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Speaking with Only Hip Hop Facts, hip hop superproducer DJ Premier recalled an old argument he witnessed between the late rapper Big L and Showbiz back in the mid-1990s. On what would have been L's 39th birthday, Primo revealed that the spitter was one of the funniest people he'd known.
“I watched him and Showbiz argue over their knowledge of Malcolm X while we were waiting for Fat Joe to come to the studio to record ‘The Enemy.’ And it was the funniest argument I’ve ever seen,” DJ Premier revealed. “Cause Big L he talks like he raps…Big L was funny just like Biggie. Super funny and not even trying to be funny, like a comedian. He’s just naturally funny.”
Premier also touched on the history of Nas and Large Professor, citing the rapper and producer's relationship as an example of powerful chemistry.
“I watched Large Profess make ‘It Ain’t Hard To Tell,’ ‘One Time 4 Your Mind,’ and ‘It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Remix)’, all in one day,” said the beatsmith. “I sat there and watched him do it on the SP-1200...This was before I even did a beat for Nas. And I was like ‘yo’—that’s how I do beats now because of the way Large Professor did it. He would just walk in and make it right there on the spot. That’s how I do. I don’t have like a whole CD of beats picked from. I walk in, do it, and say ‘here.’” [via]


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