Tuesday, June 11, 2013

МИШКА has gone deep — deep into the recesses of the most mind bending warbles imaginable. Strap on your boots and get ready to ride the lightning — МИШКА and Skrillex have joined forces.

In one very unholy meeting, the two forces joined under the first full-moon of the Winter. The next few months were spent slam-dancing with bears, sending messages coded in bass to other dimensions, and most importantly: working on a super secret capsule collection. Only the blackest of blacks and the reddest of reds were used in this capsule. The pitch-black cloven feet of horned beasts, and the crimson blood of innocent lambs were mixed together by the hands of Skrillex himself—bear cubs at his feet. Skrillex toiled and bubbled and thrown in some trouble. The bear cubs yelped in glee. From the cauldron came a collection so menacingly awesome, that releasing it to the world was the only option.

The collection comprises a limited run of a fitted hat, t-shirt and knapsack. And, a little blood sucking, birdy eating bat told me that Skrillex may very well have created a super special track — just for this collection. Keep watch for that drop! [via]

- Click this Image to Enter Skrillex x Mishka -

Check out the three-piece collection below


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