Thursday, June 13, 2013

Something amazing happened on the beaches of Weston in North Somerset England recently. The beaches were taken over by the Sand Sculpture Festival and Hollywood Magic exploded across the beach. This year the festival selected a Hollywood theme and let the sand artists loose to create magic from sand, and no one was disappointed. Monsters emerged from the sand. Alfred Hitchcock poked his head out of the sand to oversee the festivities. Harry Potter magically came alive leaping out of the sandy beach. Major movie themes came alive up and down the beach in a incredible display of artistic talent from a media that is here today and gone at the whim of the next high tide.
It is exciting to see the unbelievable magic that can be created out of sand. Use these pictures to inspire your children to all the possibilities that are possible with just a sand bucket, a few simple tools, and a vision. [via]


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