Tuesday, September 24, 2013

When was the last time you went to a 10th birthday party? I’m sure they had ice cream cake and shit but how much fun did you really have? Wait, don’t answer that because we don’t want you to be held accountable in a court of law but anyway…we are announcing our own 10thbirthday party and you better be there. 
МИШКА is celebrating a whole damn Decade of Destruction. Instead of singing Happy Birthday and playing musical chairs to the classic album of Jock Jamz Vol. 2, we brought in these guys to handle the entertainment factor in the realm of sound: 
Plastician A longtime friend of the brand (and part-time model for us, that dapper guy) Plastician is a legendary part of the UK dubstep and grime scene. We like multitaskers and he runs Terrorrhythm Recordings, throws regular parties and hosts a weekly show on Rinse FM. Bless this man for showcasing the best of the best and you can bet that he’ll pull out all the stops for this milestone. 
Bok Bok Night Slugs co-founder Bok Bok is a staple of sound system culture and we are bringing him over from the UK to show y’all how a dude from the other side of the ocean can blend the styles of American dance music meccas (Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago) way better than anyone over here. We are in awe. Check out all this awesome content RBMA featured him on. 
Kingdom LA-based producer Kingdom had been affiliated with Night Slugs and Fool’s Gold before spearheading the Fade to Mind collective. After releasing of the tightest dance originals of the year, Bank Head, as well as that edit of All My Love by Cassie, we’re really looking forward to seeing him perform again. 
World’s Fair If you’ve been fucking with us for the past few years you already know the love we have for these boys. They just put out an album Bastards of the Party, that we can’t stop bumpin’ in the Death Adder HQ….and we still rotate Queens…Revisited from their subgroup Children of the Night that some really cool clothing company put out. Wink. Anyway, they just put on one of the most fun performances we’ve ever attended at Fool’s Gold Day Off and if you weren’t lucky enough to be there, here’s your chance to join the party. 
We’re not fucking around with this one. You will come, you will turn up, and you will most likely have a hangover, assorted bruises, cool party favors, and find regrettable photos of yourself on the internet the next day. You will also be late to work. Tell your boss we’re sorry.
Just remember: get there early, you never know what’s going to happen or who is going to show up…. we’ve got some tricks up our shacket sleeves.
This event is free, but sorry yung ones, it’s strictly 21+ — please bring photo ID.
You must RSVP here and tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your bodega guy. Tweet it. ‘Gram it. Paint it on your body that you will be here to mark the МИШКА Decade of Destruction. 
Special thanks to our partners New Era and Stage48 for helping us commemorate this milestone.
Here's The Location:


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