Saturday, October 12, 2013

Greg Coulton explains himself as “a designer and illustrator, with a pinch of typographer thrown in.” His extremely intricate, baroque, and ornate works seem to stem from his background as a graphic designer, combined with his passion for the extravagant and bold.

“Having clocked up over 12 years working as a graphic design in London’s Adland, I decided it was time to make a break for it, and follow my dream of being an illustrator.

Drawing has always been my number one creative passion – even when designing I instinctively work out concepts and ideas using pen and paper.

Communication design is in my blood, and the fundamental principles of good design always find their way into my illustrations. Be it through the use of typography as a vehicle for my drawing, or perhaps just the desire to create work that is grounded in a ‘big idea’, my design schooling still informs my work on a daily basis.

Currently I work from my own studio, producing bespoke Illustrations as well as answering identity, design and art directions briefs from various clients both in the UK and further afield.” – Greg Coulton


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