Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Photographer Nick Brandt took a trip to Africa to capture these captivating images of Lake Natron and it's somewhat "mystical" nature. 
This eerie lake in northern Tanzania is a death trap for birds and bats, turning them into stone at the moment of impact. According to Brandt's new book, Across the Ravaged Land, due to Lake Natron's extremely reflective surface, the animals tend to crash into the lake like a glass window.
The lake's temperature can reach up to 60 °C (or 140 °F) and the water has an extremely high soda and salt content which causes "the creatures to calcify, perfectly preserved, as they dry."
Brandt found the deceased birds and bats and then arranged them in "living positions" to bring them back to life for these incredible photos."Reanimated, alive again in death," he morbidly states.


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