Saturday, November 2, 2013

Original was founded in 2002 by Brad and Scott Imbrie. Funded by their would-have-been college funds Brad and Scott began selling longboards shortly after Scott's 20th bithday, while Brad was just 17. With a lot of hard work, years of travel away from home, a good deal of luck and the support of family and friends, Original longboards are now distributed in most surf, skate and snowboard shops on the east coast of the United States and in many more world wide. 

At Original Skateboards, they see longboarding differently. They know that a longboard is so much more than just a longer skateboard and for that reason Original knew that using nothing more than oversized traditional skateboard trucks and boards, while hoping for a different result, would never get them where we wanted to go. Put a skateboarder at the top of one of the highest mountain passes in the world, and tell him to skate down and you very well may end up with a dead man looking down from heaven. Put a longboarder at the top of that same hill with a longboard designed to handle it and he will get to heaven first, every time, no death required. A longboard is a stress relief, a mode of transportation, and source of surf, snowboard inspiration. Anyone can learn, it's safe, there are no age barriers and no one is going to charge you for a lift to the top.


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