Tuesday, January 22, 2013

For 2013 the Bustin team has heard the cries of their riders and reintroduced two of their more popular models in new Pro editions. Both the Sportster and the Boombox have been reissued in 2013 Fiberglass models.

The Boombox Pro is an adapted version of the Boombox designed to provide riders with an even longer lasting, more impact resistant freeride/freestyle deck. Two models were created for two different flex options. The 6-ply Boombox is light and flexy with only 6 plies of maple as a core, allowing the board to remain super trickable for riders focusing on lower speed freestyle maneuvers and light freeride. The 7-ply, on the other hand, is more ideal for freeride and downhill riders who also want the option to pull out freestyle maneuvers. Both decks will handle much more impact than the original wood version, though the cost reflects the additional time and materials that go into the decks. For riders who will be primarily doing freeriding with less flip-tricking, the original all-wood Boombox is still a beast and a favorite among the Bustin team.
2013 Boombox Pro

Sportster Pro 39 takes everything that we love about the original all wood Sportster and adds in the benefits of weatherproof fiberglass construction and a small nose and tail for kicking up the board when needed and protecting your expensive trucks. The board has a slight to moderate dampening flex but is stiffer than the original wood Sportster. Flex will be noticeable when pushing around town while positioning the foot in the middle of the deck and will be very slight when in freeride stance with feet placed near the drops, making the deck excellent for sliding and comfortable at speed. This deck is ideal for riders under 180 pounds who want an extremely durable pusher/slider who will dabble in some downhill also. Heavier riders will still be comfortable pushing and sliding but may desire more stiffness at high speeds and should look to decks like our Ibach, EQ, Ratmobile, or Mekanik. If you're going to own one deck and one deck only, the Sportster Pro will handle anything and everything you throw at it and will last for years.

2013 Sportster Pro


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