Monday, December 9, 2013

In light of Sean Malto's recent injury, we'd just like to send our best wishes to him and we hope he has a speedy recovery. As an elite skaters, and arguably the best skater on Nike SB's team, it sucks to see him go down in such a major way. 

Sean posted photos to his instagram a few days ago of the shoe he was wearing when he "rolled" his ankle with the caption “Skateboarding comes with consequences. I’m thankful for the support from my friends and family!,” and it looks like a prop from a horror flick:

Thankfully, he broke no bones and only needed surgery to repair his skin and clear his joint of bacteria. 
"When they took X-Rays, they were like, “Your ankle’s not broken. We don’t see any fractures, at all. You must have just stretched the skin so bad that when it hit the ground or it hit your board or whatever, it must have just popped and tore open.” They were like, “We’ve never seen skin tear and the ankle not break.” They were tripping off it. I have an appointment to go back on Thursday to get the MRI and get it all checked out. 
Now I’m sitting here wondering what happened to this thing. Something happened. I felt something pop. I thought it was the bone, but I guess it wasn’t. "What sucks is that when you tear your skin open, your ankle joint’s not supposed to be exposed to air or anything like that. So that night when I went into the hospital, I had to go into a minor surgery just so that they could put a hose down there and clean out the inside of my joint. I had to go and get put under for an hour. They cleaned out all the bacteria so it wouldn’t get infected.

We hope he heals


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