Thursday, January 24, 2013

Interesni Kakzi, roughly translated to Interesting Stories, is the name chosen by Ukrainian artists AEC and WAONE. Waone is currently in India where he just completed this new mural on the streets of Varkala.

AEC and WAONE have been the precursors of the graffiti movement in the Eastern European Countries and represent one of the most interesting proposals of the Urban Art world. Interesni Kakzi, which traduced into our language could mean Interesting Stories or Interesting Tales, is the name chosen by the artists to sign their common projects. The source of inspiration, establishing a further signature of creative uniqueness are the subjects of their painting: the possible but sometimes also the impossible objects. As in a kaleidoscope, the shapes follow one another and float inside a suspended time, losing their original signification and adopting new meanings. Their style of painting is composed of soft and warm colours, tending the sight towards the unconscious, and sometimes charged with social meanings, investigating between the changing and hidden folds of the human personality and revealing the interest of AEC and WAONE towards unknown aspects, but also treating subjects like religion, cosmology, science fiction and popular tradition. Influenced in their semiotic approach by the famous cartoonist Moebius, the two young urban artists express themselves trough a narrative painting made of images full of symbolism where multiple reading keys can be found. Some of the artworks can also be put up side down, others can be turned from right to left, revealing every time new points of view.


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