Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our street team sure is doing their job, and doing it well! One of our stickers on a local skaters deck made it into a photo essay by ANIMAL New York, and ultimately was featured on, a leading urban culture magazine. Keep your eyes peeled, were invading the streets.

A board tells a unique story. Skateboarders often deny the importance of a good graphic, but, as an aesthetically discerning group by nature, the marks of a board tend to undermine this. ANIMAL New York has an interesting photo essay – the latest in its “Zoom In” series – on the skateboard decks of local New York skaters, taken at the transition-heavy Chelsea Skatepark. The ultimate result is a collage of marks, indentations and flatspots that each reveals unique personalities. From SHUT to Chapman, the photo set also creates a nice summary of skateboarding’s heritage.


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