Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Family Guy, the hit show created by Seth McFarlane in 1999, took a giant leap into controversy when they killed off one of the show's main characters. The family dog, Brian.

Fans went berserk when the episode aired on November 24th showed Brian Griffin being hit by a speeding car and later dying in the hospital while the family stands around his battered body. The family then rushed to the dog pound where they adopted a new dog named Vinny in attempt to cope with the loss. Every social media site was flooded with angered fans, demanding that the show writers bring back the dog. #BringBackBrian was the highlighted trending hashtag of the day. The decision to kill off Brian even stirred up the fans enough to start a Change.org petition that accumulated more than 128,000 signatures.

Luckily for fans, the show's creator Seth McFarlane was way ahead of them and asked that the fans "trust them" with their decision. 

In the latest episode of Family Guy, genius baby Stewie Griffin travels back in time to save his best friend Brian. Check out the scene below:


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