Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Every now and then you come across an idea that makes you wonder "Why didn't this come out sooner?"

UPDATE: Flip My Tie has launched a KickStarter!

The guys over at FlipMyTie.com definitely have one of those ideas. The New York based start-up offers high quality reversible ties with a huge selection of prints and patterns. They also donate $1 from every tie sold to the Winthrop Hospital Cancer Center for Kids.

After coming across this idea, we have been realizing more and more the benefits of having a reversible tie. Messy lunch? no problem! "Just Flip It" These ties are great if you have to go to an event after work and want to change up your look. They're great for travel, letting you pack twice as many looks in half the space. And there's also the very obvious benefit of getting 2 ties for the price of one.

Their FACEBOOK PAGE is worth a "Like" as they post photos of interesting and unique new ways to tie a tie. Check out the "Trinity Knot":

Their "FlipMyTie Initiative" will recycle your old ties by donating them to the charity of your choice and get you $5 off your new tie order. They are also having a 30% off sale on their website now through October 1st to celebrate the launch of their new site (See Below for Code).  

FlipMyTie.com was started by 3 cousins who grew up in the fashion and retail industry. The idea came to them from a shared passion for fashion and was inspired by the on the go lifestyle of New York City.