Thursday, September 26, 2013

Antonio Mora is a very creative spanish photographer who turns simple portraits into incredible dreamy landscapes full of emotion. 

His series, entitled Dream Portraits, showcases his ability to combine two elements together to create an interesting fusion where distinct lines and shapes are no longer evident. The captivating portraits feature hauntingly beautiful faces that emerge from misty black and white forms like tree branches, rivers, bridges, and cloudy skies.
"Through his digitally altered work, Mora intends to evoke a sense of mystery, stating that his images "open a crack in our collective memory allowing us to watch, though only [for an] instant, the hybrid beings who populate our deepest dreams." As Mora advertises on his website, anyone can have their very own Dream Portrait. You simply have to provide a photograph and brief description of yourself, and within days, the talented artist will produce a personal, abstract creation."


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