Friday, September 13, 2013

To promote its Ultra HD TVs, LG has uploaded a video to YouTube showing unsuspecting job seekers being pranked by the TVs crystal clear image.

LG seems pretty confident about their new 4K TV's clarity. So confident, in fact, that they have utilized it to create what is now a viral video on Youtube. The company went to chile recently to shoot a hidden-camera prank commercial. In the ad, which can be seen above, LG replaces the window in an office of a high-rise building with one of its Ultra HD TVs. 
What's so special about these TV's you ask? Well Ultra HD TVs, or 4K TVs, are said to have a clearer image than any other TVs currently on the market.  The sets offer a resolution four times greater than that of regular HD TVs.
So what's the price on these incredibly clear tvs? How about a wopping $20,000! That's right, LG has their 84" Class Ultra High Definition 3d TV with Smart TV marked at a suggested price of $19,999.99 
So although some of us may never experience this kind of clarity in our living room, we can always visit the nearest Best Buy (or other major electronic store) and hope that they have a set we can enjoy for a little while.


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