Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A big Batman fan built this Batmobile replica from the 1989 move with Michael Keaton and it may be more iconic then the Batman Tumbler that Jay Leno drove

The vehicle doesnt just sport nice looks either. It's fully equipped with a straight six, fuel injected modern Jaguar 3.2-liter engine with automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. Could you imagine how fun drifting would be in this thing? It also has hydraulic suspension which can raise the car by a further nine inches. "It is claimed the car will hit 60mph in less than five seconds although the visibility has been compared to that of a fighter jet."

On top of that, the vehicle also has a fully functional flame thrower. A FLAMETHROWER! How dope is that? Check out the video below:

For those of you blessed with batman-cave-deep pockets, the car is currently being auctioned off by Historics in the UK on November 30. It’s expected to sell for £90,000 (or roughly $143,757 for us American folks).


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