Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You may recognize his work from our shop, recent gallery shows, pretty much anywhere in NYC and even all over Europe.
Talk about getting it in... here's a guy that has been doing it for over 3 decades. "The Writer's Writer" Moody AA represents the perfect balance between graffiti and street art. His works embody classic graffiti styles, signature characters, and plenty of corporate satire. Now, Master Moody Mutz AA has put his mark on location of yesterday's Banksy piece in Coney Island. The piece is the logo of Moody's crew: AA Mob, a play on the iconic, and ever old school, Atari Logo. The piece doesn't go over Banksy's work, but acts as a subtle reminder than Moody has been here all along...and hes not going anywhere.

Check out some of his work we feature in our shop:

And some more of his work around the street...


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