Friday, October 18, 2013

"Write of Passage", an exhibit exploring the impact of American Graffiti on global culture, opens tomorrow at Redbull Studios in NYC.

 Red Bull Studios
218 W. 18th St.
New York, NY
October 19 - November 23

This exhibit could not have come at a better time. Graffiti and street art have been in the New York media spotlight since Banksy came to town. This exhibit exploring the origins, culture, and politics of  graffiti will shed light on the topic for many people, and introduce them more properly to the culture.

The exhibit will be open to the public every Saturday from 1 to 5PM and will bring together works from:

Daze, Futura, COST, Claudia “CLAW Money”, Haze, David "Chino" Villorente, Alan Bortman, Chris Pape, Easy, Miss 17, Freedom, Cycle, Fargo, Greg "SP" Lamarche, Krink, Mare 139, CES, Jay "J.SON" Edlin, Mark Ali Awfe, False, Tommy Rebel, A-ONE, Dondi White, Serve, Ed "Metal Man" Walker, Kaves, Trap IF, False, VFR, Cope 2, Harley Spiller, Henry Chalfant, Louie KR.ONE Gasparro, YES 2, Samuel Kleiman, Sharp, Todd "Reas" James, Wayne COD, Blake “Keo” Lethem,  The Scrapyard, The Dondi White Estate, Mike 171, Sharp, and even more .

This exhibit was organized and curated by Mass Appeal, Redbull Studios NYC, and Sacha Jenkins, noted “Writing Culture” historian. The event will include exhibitions, workshops, screenings, lectures and panels.

 "the exhibition will celebrate graffiti’s origins and influences, including rare canvasses, vintage apparel and over 100 original graffiti artifacts. The mix of subway artifacts, graffiti writer mementos, photography and groundbreaking artwork will be showcased alongside four interactive installation areas within the exhibition space."

Check out the trailer featuring original illustrations from Greg “SP” Lamarche:

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