Monday, November 4, 2013

The world renowned and ever elusive street artist Banksy has come to NYC with a goal: host an entire show on the streets of New York. #Banksyny

The project, which began October 1st, is titled "Better Out Than In" and is described as being "An Artist's residency on the streets of New York." Both the project and the name are an homage to a quote by the famous French Post-Impressionist painter Paul C├ęzanne:

"All pictures painted inside, in the studio, will never be as good as those done outside"


Thursday - October 31st
The final piece to Banksy's "Better Out Than In" campaign was this set of balloons that read "BANKSY!" stuck to the side of a warehouse visible from the Long Island Expressway in Queens.

A fight broke out after someone tried climbing up and hijacking the balloons. Police quickly rushed the scene and were said to have confiscated the piece and placed it in the back of a van. 


Wednesday - October 30th

Today's piece went up in the Boogie Down Bronx...Yankee Stadium to be exact. The piece is a tribute to our concrete jungle, a leopard spotted with the graffiti prints our city. This one is one of our favorites.


Tuesday - October 29th

Today's piece is less graffiti or street art and more a marketing stunt to attract attention...which i guess yeah is graffiti. For this installment of the soon to end "Better Out than In", Banksy took an oil painting from a thrift shop, made his own addition to it, then re-donated it to the thrift shop. The original painting was a pastoral scene. Banksy's addition to the painting iis a Nazi sitting on a  bench enjoying the view. The piece is titled 'The banality of the banality of evil ' Oil on oil on canvas, 2013. The title is a reference to a 1963 book, “Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil”  by political theorist Hannah Arendt, documenting the post-WWII trial of the Nazi SS leader. The painting is currently being auctioned by Housing Works Gramercy thrift shop and all of the proceeds will go to a charity, which focuses on homelessness and HIV/AIDS issues.


Monday - October 28th

Looks like Banksy is loving Brooklyn (who could blame him?) with his latest piece going up in iconic Coney Island. The piece is a stencil of a Robot spray painting a bar code much like the ones Banksy spray paints. Is this piece a stabbing commentary on graffiti artists here being mindless? Maybe he's saying that about spraying stencils? Or MAYBE it's just a cool piece of art.....

What do you think?


Sunday - October 27th
Not sure if today's Banksy piece (Located in Greenpoint) is another clever use of environment or completely set up, but it is still pretty funny. For today's piece Banksy stenciled over a patchy paint job:

"This Site Contains Blocked Messages"

Whether the patchy paint was put there by building owners trying to cover graffiti, or by Banksy (for the same reason or just to compliment his piece?) is unclear, but we will update as soon as we find out more.

Today's post from Banksy also includes some of his thoughts about the new World Trade Center building. He claims that he submitted an op-ed column to the NY Times, whether he actually did or not we don't know, but he is how he put it:

"Today’s piece was going to be an op-ed column in the New York Times. But they declined to publish what I supplied. Which was this..."


Saturday - October 26th

Today's piece, another mobile one which started in Sunset Park, is a little note from Banksy on energy. Although it may appear to be a comical post, with its tagline:
"Alternative New York bumper slogan"
It is actually an interesting exploration of the concept of getting back the energy we put out into the world.

Stay Positive People!


Friday - October 25th


It's up...and it's pretty awesome! Looks like Banksy is getting into the Halloween spirit a bit early. For today's piece, Banksy has created a grim reaper sculpture riding a bumper car, complete with flashing disco lights, an accordion player, and sporadic bursts of Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper". The piece is located on the corner of Elizabeth and Houston, and as the audio guide suggests, the sculpture perfectly represents death, in that it is a bit...random.

What do you think? Needs more cowbell?


It's half past 5 and still no update from Banksy....sleeping on the job? Guess well check back later for more....


Just this from Banksy for now. Come back after 5 and we will have it updated:


Thursday - October 24th

Today's Banksy post in Hell's Kitchen shows a man in love "waiting in vain" as his flowers wilt and his love doesn't appear.

The bite of this piece is revealed when we find out he is waiting "at the door of the club ".....The Hustler Club:


Wednesday - October 23rd

Not much from Banksy today but this vague message. Is there truth to this statement? Is this a ploy by Banksy to further legitimize the place of street art in society by evoking a public outcry against the NYPD? We will update this as soon as we find out more.


Tuesday - October 22nd 

Banksy returns to Queens to place this 1/36 scale replica of the great Sphinx of Giza made from smashed cinderblocks. A piece Banksy calls "No turn unstoned."

Monday - October 21st 

Banksy took to the South Bronx to incorporate typical graffiti bubble letters with his signature stencil-art. This piece shows a butler holding spray paint cans on a tray while a young boy tags "Ghetto 4 Life" on the wall. Maybe this is a play at the fact that more and more people are trying to be "ghetto"? What do you think?


Sunday - October 20th 

An image of a young boy seemingly testing his strength on this "high striker" showed up in the Upper West Side and is the 20th piece by Banksy. 


Saturday - October 19th

The latest Banksy piece would be percieved as art to some, and nonsense to others. Maybe Banksy's trying to create a "cradle of life". This video was posted of a vaginal-looking anthill in Staten Island and has received over 140,000 plays on youtube. Nice going, Banksy.


Friday - October 18th

Instead of just making art, for today's installation Banksy made a temporary art gallery. As Banksy describes it, the art gallery:
"Housing just two paintings but also featuring a bench, some carpet and complimentary refreshments. Opens today through Sunday 11am til midnight."
 The "gallery" is located on W 24th street, the exact location will be updated later, stay tuned.

The 2 pieces hung up are contrasting scenes, with 1 person standing out in an otherwise homogenous crowd. In the first piece a civilian stands out among a crowd of soldiers. In the second the soldier is among civilians, although whether they are really civilians is questionable due to some of the face masks.


Thursday - October 17th

Back in Brooklyn, Banksy posts his latest addition to the "Better Out Than In" campaign in Williamsburg (But calls it Bed Stuy). Once again cleverly interacting with the environment to turn an arch ornamenting a building into a bridge where two Geishas meet, cherry blossom tree included.

The only words from Banksy today don't address this work directly but more the project as a whole. He posted the picture below and wrote:
"I don't read what i believe in the papers"


Wednesday - October 16th

A fiberglass replica of Ronald McDonald having his shoes shined by a real live boy. The sculpture will visit the sidewalk outside a different McDonalds every lunchtime for the next week. Today: South Bronx.

The coolest part about this project is that the art is accompanied by an audio guide, accessed by calling an 800 number that appears beside the stencil. Stay tuned, we will continue updating this post with the new pieces as they surface.

Audio Guide Phone # for October 1st Piece 


Tuesday - October 15th

Banksy hits home with a lot of New Yorkers with this piece. He paints a shadowy depiction of the Twin Towers on Staple Street in Tribeca, adorned with a bright orange flower protruding from a crack in the wall, seemingly representing the explosive September 11 attack.


Monday - October 14th

This piece by Banksy, where he quotes the movie 'Gladiator', can be found in Queens at the southeast corner of 69th St. and 38th Ave. Even Banksy's remarks about the quote he quoted contains a quote. Woah, try saying that 5 times fast. 

The elusive artist wrote on his website: "Some people criticize me for using sources that are a bit low brow but you know what? "I'm just going to use that hostility to make me stronger, not weaker" as Kelly Rowland said on the X Factor."


Sunday - October 13th

Continuing in the tradition of the welcome Banksy has been receiving in New York, yesterday's piece was buffed less than 24 hours after it went up (Check it here). The opinions of New York graff writers isn't stopping Banksy from continuing the "Better Out Than In" project.

This installment could make some lucky passerby a considerable chunk of change. Banksy decided to sell autographed canvases of his (in)famous stencil art for only $60 at an unmarked stand in Central Park. Although it is posted today, Banksy says that the stall went up yesterday, and was a one-off which wont be there again today. Those of you lucky enough to be there and savvy enough to notice and buy the art, congratulations on a wise investment. Those of you who passed thisby without a second glance.....don't kick yourselves too hard.

Check out the footage of the lucky few who bought some works:


Saturday - October 12th

In today's addition to his New York residency Project, Banksy continues to make clever use of the city landscape.

Converting standing construction materials into a "Concrete Confessional" Banksy pays tribute to a photo depicting a Jesuit priest at the Martyr’s Shrine in Ontario shot by Berni Schoenfield in the 1950's. The piece is located on East 7th Street and Cooper Square in Manhattan, across the street from the First Ukrainian Assembly of God. Check out more photos below, including a really dope GIF image made by an AnimalNY reader who tracked down the original photo!

Source: GIF: Antigrav/Photo: Berni Schoenfield

Friday - October 11th

"The Sirens of the Lambs" is the title of this latest addition to the Banksy "Better Out Than In" Project, and this one too is a traveling exhibit.

Its easy to see what Banksy was going for with this one, having his slaughterhouse delivery truck touring the Meatpacking District first and later the rest of the city.

A bit of a noisy exhibition, but definitely fun to watch the reactions of unsuspecting pedestrians:

This latest post from Banksy also included a message to someone who placed a GPS tracker on the previous traveling exhibit (Garden Truck). Apparently they are now tracking a taxi from Queens.


Thursday - October 10th

Today's addition to Banksy's "Better Out Than In" New York residency project is a tribute to nature that popped up in East New York.

Utilizing his usual creative use of the environment, Banksy places a lone beaver in a concrete forest having just chopped down a tree to build its dam.


Wednesday - October 9th

Banksy hits the Lower East Side this time around, despite getting buffed Banksy is staying in New York.

The new piece is strange, and accompanied by an audio guide that is even stranger. In the piece we see horses in night vision goggles looking like they are hunting humans. The audio guide is bits of static and what sounds like communication between an army recon team.


Tuesday - October 8th

Looks like Banksy is staying in Brooklyn a while longer, with his newest "Better Out Than In" piece going up in Greenpoint.

This time instead of an image we have a "quote" from Plato. While not as visually striking, the new piece maintains the humorous tone of the project, while adding a hint of social commentary on the perceptions of our status update driven world.


Monday - October 7th (Location + Our Original Photos Included)

The newest Banksy piece to go up in New York is even closer to home, this one popping up in Brooklyn, on the corner of Van Brunt St and King St. The piece is a heart shaped helium balloon patched with band-aids and continuing to float on. As the audio guide states, the piece is "an uplifting visual poem" and "an iconic representation of the battle to survive a broken heart".

While this piece may seem more sentimental, it doesn't lose any of the humor we've come to expect from the London Bloke, when halfway through the audio guide, the narrator's voice goes high pitched as he inhales some of the balloon's helium.

Check out some of our original photos of the piece and the people lining up to take their own photos.

Photo Credit - Ozzie S.

Photo Credit - Ozzie S.

Photo Credit - Ozzie S.


Sunday - October 6th

No art from Banksy today, just a strange video and a message stating that there will be no art today due to a "shocking" video being released.


Saturday - October 5th

Today's addition to Banksy's "Better Out Than In" Project is a traveling art piece. The location was simply labeled as "All City". In this piece, Banksy converted a delivery truck into a "mobile garden".

Looks more like a jungle to us, but its nonetheless an impressive piece of street art.


Friday - October 4th

The latest edition to the ongoing "Better Out Than In" project (see past works below, and some buffed ones here) by Banksy is apparently an ongoing series in itself. This time its 3 new pieces, hitting up Delancey, Bushwick, Williamsburg, Banksy continues to show us his funny bone by giving random graffiti a "Broadway Makeover".


Thursday - October 3rd

Audio Guide Phone # for October 3rd Piece 

Wednesday - October 2nd

Tuesday - October 1st 
L.E.S (18 Allen Street) 

Audio Guide Phone # for October 1st Piece 


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