Monday, August 12, 2013

Brooklyn-based artist Mark Wagner, often referred to as the "Michael Jordan of glue", has a very wide range of artistic interests. From writing to drawing, to artist bookmaking and assemblage. Here he has used precision cutting and assembly to create stunning collages using only dollar bills. Mark says: 
The one dollar bill is the most ubiquitous piece of paper in America. Collage asks the question: what might be done to make it something else? It is a ripe material: intaglio printed on sturdy linen stock, covered in decorative filigree, and steeped in symbolism and concept. Blade and glue transform it-reproducing the effects of tapestries, paints, engravings, mosaics, and computers—striving for something bizarre, beautiful, or unbelievable… the foreign in the familiar.
Wagner is currently preparing for a large exhibition at Pavel Zoubok Gallery in NYC that opens September 6th. (via Faith is Torment)


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