Monday, August 26, 2013

Can you seriously ever get enough of some puppies and a few kittens? I mean come on. We can't be grumpy and serious ALL day, can we? Here's a little puppy love to spice up your Monday.
Come onnn! Look at that face! haha! This series of images entitled Life is Adventure features little kittens and puppies placed in imaginative scenes. To create the setting the creative team sat and sketched out some ideas and then used household items to bring those ideas to life. 

The collection was designed and developed as a collaboration between art director Jiri Horut, creative director Marek Farkas, and photographer Miro Minarovich and was produced for a pet nutrition company named Hill's Pet. Here's some more adorable photos:
Some words from the author about the project: "After Puppy Kitten first ideas including pacifiers, our creative team had to come up with different concept. So this is the concept of safe adventure taking place on house floor. Big idea came up from Miro Švolík work - slovak photographer who was experimenting with this creative solution in mid-ninetees It is not as fresh and new as the pacifier and this execution was done for many different campaigns but not for pet food yet. This concept’s called Life is Adventure and it became one of the most appreciated campaigns from client side. My collegue Jiri Horut made these arangements with photographer Miro Minarovich."


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