Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Geoffrey Farmer, a Canadian-based artist, created his 'Leaves of Grass' collage using images and cultural icons from 900 issues of LIFE Magazine, spanning from the years 1935-1985, and is measured at 124 feet long.

Geaffrey says about his project, "It wasn’t until we had finished making the work that I realized the piece is very much about factory life. Factory farming, the war factory, the death factory, the automobile factory, the Hollywood factory, the personality factory…. History emerging out of a factory. In the end, it takes on the appearance of a conveyor belt."
"I didn’t really consider what the effect of looking at so many images would have on me. At certain points in the project, I had a hard time sleeping. When I closed my eyes all I could see were images. I was going through 30 magazines every morning to make selections. And then we would see them again for cutting, again for the gluing, again for the sorting and then again for arranging." - Geoffrey Farmer


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