Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Photographer Carli Davidson recently released a new book titled "Shake" which features a collection of images of dogs caught in motion while shaking. 
Utilizing high-speed photography, Carli manages to capture these dog's perfectly imperfect expressions as they shake off water. She explains, they're "images of man’s best friend caught in contortion: hair wild, eyes darting, ears and jowls flopping every which way."

Carli started posting images in 2011, just for fun, of a few dogs shaking. An idea that was actually inspired by her own dog Norbert, who she constantly has to clean up after due to his own frequent shaking. Her images quickly became an instant thrill for internet-goers and eventually newspaper and magazine readers. Carli's photos have been featured in The New York TImesNational Geographic,Rolling StoneThe Huffington Post , SlateAnimal Planet, and many other places.

To create this book, Carli enlisted the help of 100 adorable dogs of which 61 were selected. Inside, you'll find two side-by-side photos of each of the 61 dogs as they're flipping every which way. Here's a selection of what you can expect to find, courtesy of the photographer. (Also, check out the fantastically funny video, below.)


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