Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yoko Ono, the distinguished pop figure who recently turned the tender age of 80, just released a new quirky and enjoyable video to her song "Bad Dancer."
The surprisingly energetic and free spirited Ono, who has been receiving hate for decades for her supposed involvement in The Beatles break-up, looks to shake off those haters with some hip wiggles and arm flares alongside a few of her hipster friends and other guests. The Roots's ?uestlove, The Beastie Boys, R&B legend Roberta Flack, comedian Reggie Watts, public radio host Ira Glass, and members of Cibo Matto, Deerhoof, and Das Racist all come together to bust some "bad dance moves" together in this incredibly entertaining music video:
In the song, Yoko declares she has "no regrets", and why should she? I hope I can still move like that when I'm 80. 
The funky-fresh rap-like pop song comes off her recently released Plastic Ono Band album, "Take Me to the Land of Hell" which you can stream and download here:

Check out these funny GIFs below if you want to catch a laugh:

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