Monday, October 28, 2013

After three years in development, designer David Marx is debuting Kyl21, a vegan-friendly, alcohol-infused popsicle intended for adult partygoers.

Marx participated in a three-year collaboration with a Michelin three-star chef, university scientists, and a manufacturer of industrial nitrogen machinery with the goal of "completely reinventing the form, function, and flavor of freezer pops."
Kyl21 bars have a jewel-like appearance and resemble crystals seen under high levels of magnification. Even the wooden stick gets the futuristic treatment with a laser-etched number denoting the flavor in a periodic table fashion while an asymmetrical chamfer provides a dash of spaceship style. The hard, folded edges of the pops have an unmistakably sci-fi appearance, but are also functional and create additional surface area which allows for faster freezing.*
The faceted profiles and manufacturing process are tightly coupled. “In order to shape ice cream in such a unique and exact way, an ultra-fast production process had to be developed,” says Marx. This involved creating new multi-part molds that could handle the tight tolerances that the designs demand, developing custom alloys with high levels of thermal conductivity, and creating a flash freezing process for the liquid to prevent expansion. “Liquid nitrogen became my daily companion,” says Marx.*

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