Thursday, October 24, 2013

Christian Hosoi Handplant and talked legendary skate photographer Rhino (Thrasher) to open up his vault of killer shots showing whats really going down in skateboarding.
No competition shots here, only rails, backyard pools, street gaps and real life in 2013. As senior skate photographer for the iconic Thrasher Magazine, Rhino is a beast (no pun intended) and he's got the shots to prove it. There's a great mix of up and comers like Jeremy Leabres, hotshots like Nyjah Huston, and OG's like Christian Hosoi.

Check em out here are some of the Best of 2013:

Al Patanen mid Frontside Pivot
Dakota Servold busting a proper 5-0 grind
Jeremy Leabres Frontside Hurricane
Clint Walker doing a crazy Ollie over a street gap
Josh Borden Mute Air
Omar Hassan Judo Air

Chase Webb Noseblunt over 13 stair
David Loy Bank to Wall Crailslide
2x X Games Gold Medal Winner Pedro Barros Ollie to Smith Grind
3x X Games Gold Medalist Nyjah Huston Frontside Boardslide an 18 stair
Ryan Reyes Backside Noseblunt
Steve "Salba" Alva busts an Andrecht at Fontana Skatepark
Ben Raybourn Air to Fakie
Billy Marks Bump to Bar Heelflip
Brad McClain Backside Nose Pick on the deep end


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