Thursday, November 7, 2013

This sleek and modern looking Hookah pipe is the last thing you'd expect to see come from Porsche designs.
The Shisha (Hookah, water pipe) is a part of the brand's World Collection, which already includes such items as chopsticks and tea sets. The pipe is nearly 2 feet tall and has a hose made of  TecFlex - the same durable material Porsche Design use in the manufacture of their pens. Hookah pipes are popular in the Middle East, and in recent years have spread around the world.

Taking a closer look at Porsche, and their presence in the Middle East, makes this release a little less surprising. The Hookahs were originally sold in the company's store in Harrods department store in London. The store was later sold to the Qatari Royal Family, who also happen to own 10% of Porsche. Porsche also has 7 out of their 110 stores located in Dubai alone, so it is not that far fetched for them to make a product that would appeal to a wealthy Middle Eastern clientelle.

What was surprising about this piece was the $2,000 price tag. If you think this sounds crazy, your gonna think Bugatti is F*$%#N Nuts!

This sleek and beautifully futuristic hookah is the latest from luxury sports car manufacturers Bugatti. 

The price tag? $100,000.

That's right....One Hundred Thousand Dollars.

What do you need to be smoking to drop that much money on a water pipe, we couldn't tell you. 

What we can tell you is that the pipe is hand-crafted from titanium and carbon fiber (instead of the usual glass and steel) and stands about two and a half feet tall and there will only be 150 of them made.

Any bets on who will be the first rapper to buy one?


  1. My bet is on Kanye buying the 100k hookah first, if not Lil Wayne, who already has a Bugatti.

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