Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A number of PlayStation 4 owners appear to have non-functional units that all suffer the same problem, a so-called blue light—or blue pulse—of death. 
With the release of the PlayStation 4 finally arriving, many skeptics were hinting towards obvious bugs that would most likely appear in the new console. Game lags/crashes, crowded servers, even certain "advantageous" glitches. The one thing I don't think anyone imagined would be a problem to compete with the XBOX 360's "Red Ring Of Death," yet that is exactly what has happened. 
We havent heard of any official fix to the problem but a Sony rep has posted a lengthy set of step-by-step troubleshooting tips
"The problem that these PS4 users are facing is frustratingly simple. When a PS4 is working and is turned on with a press of the power button, the light that runs along the side of the console should first pulse blue and then switch to white. As it does, the console should send a signal to the TV it is hooked up to. Those who have the "blue light/pulse of death" are instead finding that their PS4 pulses blue, never goes to white and never sends a signal to their TV." 
So far the best solution to this issue seems to be sending the console back. Either to Sony or the retailer you bought it from. 


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