Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Staten Island Recording Artist "Jiggy Jada" recently released a video to her powerful song "Stop Bullying".

The video takes you into the lives of a young girl and boy, caught in a corrupt situation. The girl is bullied in school and even at home by her older, less religious brother. The boy, one of the girl's bullies, has a secret of his own and when that secret is revealed to his prejudice father, he is beaten and kicked to the curb. The video then leads to the crossing paths of these two characters. Jada's lyrics are deep in meaning and the video does a great job of displaying her message.

Since the videos release, Jiggy Jada has visited public schools around Staten Island to raise awareness about bullying and help kids understand the damage that is caused by it.

The song was written for the film "The Bully". You can view the trailer at www.thestopbullyingproject.com or on Facebook at thestopbullyingproject. 

Also, follow them on Instagram @thestopbullyingproject and on Twitter @thebullyfilm


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