Friday, June 21, 2013

Here are more pictures of what appear to be the interior and exterior of Apple's next iPhone.
MacRumors has obtained what it says are photos of the rear shell and logic board of the so-called "iPhone 5S". Rumors and speculation generally point to Apple's next smartphone to be similar in design to the iPhone 5, and the label "5S" — based on previous models — has stuck.
The interior shots reveal a different battery than the iPhone 5, with 5.92 watt-hours of energy compared to its existing battery in the iPhone 5, which stores 5.45 watt-hours, MacRumors notes.
Meanwhile, the rear shell (below) includes a bigger LED flash than its predecessor.
The iPhone 5S is also rumored to come with a higher-resolution camera and improved light modes. The smartphone is expected to launch this fall.
What do you think of the latest alleged leak of the iPhone 5S? Is it the real deal? Let us know in the comments.


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