Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Interior Department has been on Instagram for almost exactly a year, Director of Digital Strategy Tim Fullerton told Mashable.
"We launched our Instagram just basically to show the public all of the amazing lands that we have across the country," Fullerton said.
Most of the Interior Department's Instagram photos come from department staff or from the public's submissions to photo contests. Interior is running one such contest this summer — the "Summer in America’s Great Outdoors"project, which asks parkgoers to submit their park photography to this Flickr collection.
The Interior's Instagram account posts a combination of native iPhone or other mobile photographs along with adapted DSLR imagery. Fullerton says he occasionally posts photos he sees tagged in national parks, though only when he's "gotten explicit permission" from the photographer.
"If we've seen some really striking amazing images, we've emailed asking for permission," he said. "We're always sure to give full credit on Instagram." [read more here]


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