Thursday, January 30, 2014

Andre Amador is a very unique artist. Amador does not sculpt and does not paint but he uses a single rake on a beach in San Fransisco, California. Using a single rake his masterpieces can get bigger than 100,000 sq feet. Amador can spend hours making his masterpieces on the sand knowing that soon enough a tide will come and wash away his work. Something amazing about this artist is that he does not worry about result but he enjoys the process of creating. You'll have to be lucky to catch his art work on the sand because a tide can get there before you. When asked why he does it knowing that his work will only be temporary he simply responds "its fun! I get to spend time on the beach" Amador is able to make amazing details to his creations by raking up wet sand to make contrasting sand colors. Amador's art is so amazing he even offers his services to people that are about to propose. Knowing that the work is temporary just makes his art even more amazing.


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