Monday, October 7, 2013

British Artist Jane Perkins has found a very artistic way of presenting and organizing plastic objects, ideally toys, in perfect position to re-create famous art pieces.

She combines these toys and little trinkets with beads, buttons, lace and other small items, majority of which are found in garage sales and in the trash. She claims she never alters the colors and texture of any material. After gathering all her material, she sits at home and sorts them by color and then begins to glue them together to create these pieces.
"Perkins begins with the larger pieces, like miniature animals and legos, and places them in no particular order, in different directions, so that the eyes are not automatically drawn in on them. Each piece is easy to get lost in, as you look more closely and see all there is to discover. Check out more work by Jane Perkins on her website. You can also learn more about her process in this video excerpt from a children’s art show on BBC called Totally Rubbish."


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