Tuesday, October 8, 2013

London-based art and design studio Loop.pH is internationally recognized for the "design and fabrication of ephemeral textile architecture and living environments."

The studio explores the role of art and design in public space and society, and consults on creative strategies and future scoping for industry, start-ups and the public sector, with hospitals, schools and regeneration agencies all commissioning their work.  
They create urban utopias informed by ecologically based parametric design and principles of community engagement. 
The studio operates on the convergence between biology, ecology, architecture and design. Through intervention based work they create living environments, synthesising living materials and digital tools, and proposing an emerging new role for designers and artists working at an urban scale.

Before we go any further, let's explain what "archilace" means. Archilace is lace-making on an architectural scale with strong composite fibres and is a method to craft space and reflect on the materiality and fabrication processes within the architectural practice. Archilace combines a parametric design process with a hands-on crafting technique. Weaving composite textile structures allows for virtually any imaginable surface to be created from a small number of parts. Recently discovered structures that were previously unbuildable can be fabricated by hand using a textile, curvilinear approach - breaking the rectilinear geometry of our built environment with a non-Euclidean geometry made from curved structural elements tangentially joined.


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