Sunday, October 20, 2013

“He does things on a board that I never even knew were possible.” But one the many bold statements made from Stefan Janoski and other pro-skaters of his caliber proclaiming the man that Red Bull is introducing as the new face of skateboarding: Mike Schneider. Only 19 years old, Schneider – the latest member of Red Bull’s already impressive roster – brings to light what is supposedly a new movement in skateboarding, pushing the traditional boundaries of the likes of casper flips, 360 shove-its and front flip impossibles."

You may think this is something easy to do. Fingerboarding as they call it consist of just your 2 fingers and works the same way as actual skateboarding, popping the tail sliding on finger up to the nose and lifting up your back finger to execute an ollie. Its a miniature way of skateboarding able to session just about anything!


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