Monday, October 28, 2013

Musician, photographer and cultural icon Lou Reed, best known as the lead singer of the Velvet Underground, died this past Sunday at age 71.
As part of Velvet Underground, Lou helped shape a new scene in 1960s rock which later would influence many bands to come. VU were very honest in their music. Often speaking of sex, drugs and other illicit topics. Famed artist Andy Warhol greatly supported the band's music and would eventually design an iconic banana cover for the band's well-known debut album, The Velvet Underground & Nico.
Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Reed studied poetry and journalism at syracuse University. He eventually former the Velvet Underground, before leaving the band in 1970. Reed went on to create his own music as a solo artist, writing legendary songs such as "Walk On The Wild Side" and "Satellite Of Love." U2 and Duran Duran were among the bands that later covered his work.
"The Guardian reported in May that Reed was recovering from a liver transplant. His wife, Laurie Anderson, told the newspaper, "It's as serious as it gets. He was dying. You don't get it for fun."
Reed's official Facebook page published a photo of a poster of the musician wearing dark sunglasses and a black t-shirt with the word "Supreme" written on it. The poster appears to be taped to a door."


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